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People use proxies to open blocked websites, protect their privacy online or surf the web anonymously. But what is a proxy? It is a server acting as an intermediary between your computer and the Internet. A proxy server is a privacy guard between you and the sites you visit. A proxy works like a search engine, except that people enter a website address instead of a search query into a form, and web proxies return webpages rather than search results. has been designed to provide you with a free proxy list.

Most web-based proxy sites are powered by proxy server software such as Glype, PHProxy, CGIProxy and Zelune. They are reliable, free, written in php and easy-to-use. You can bypass censorship and hide your online activities without installing proxy software or tweaking your browser settings. Glype is open source, but it is not released as GPL or a similar license. The output of the Glype Software contains references to Glype and links to the Glype website (collectively, Branding). A Branding Free (paid) license is available which allows you remove the branding.

Protect your privacy online

How would you feel if a complete stranger followed you around with a video camera all day, recording your every move? While marketers do not follow your every move in the real world, they do on the Internet. And there are no laws that regulate online tracking companies. That is why it's important to hide your real IP address, protect your identity online and prevent others from monitoring your web traffic. But not only marketers are interested in your behavior on the Internet. The government may be watching you without you even knowing it! If you are concerned about the government, marketers or even hackers monitoring your web traffic, simply use a proxy. It will hide your real IP address, allowing you to browse the Internet anonymously and protect you from identity theft. The best proxy sites will bypass all attempts at censoring content on the web as well.

Open blocked sites, anytime and anywhere

In some countries (i.e. China, Cuba and Iran) the Internet is limited or censored. Certain websites (about sexual issues, politics and more) are blocked. In addition, Internet Service Providers, employers and school administrators may use technology to block access to websites to cut down on security breaches. Even popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, Reddit and Twitter might be blocked to boost productivity. The best way to unblock Youtube and all other Social websites is to use a proxy site. The websites you visit through a proxy see an IP address belonging to the proxy site rather than your real IP address. This IP address manipulation will help you browse the Internet anonymously and open blocked websites.

List proxy sites

Our web proxy list drives targeted traffic from all major search engines to your site. Submitting your proxy to the list is an important step to attrackting new visitors. A premium listing produces even a higher flow of traffic because your proxy site appears at the top of the list. And if you want to improve your proxysite's search engine ranking you need backlinks from sites with high PageRank, Domain Authority and Page Authority. These backlinks help you improve your own Domain Authority, the ranking strength of your domain and Page Authority. provides backlinks from sites with high DA, PA and PR! Getting quality backlinks makes the difference between ranking #50 & #1! You can submit as many proxy sites as you like. Each must have a unique domain name and a proxy script, like PHProxy, Glype or CGIProxy, installed. We manually review all submissions and reserve the right to refuse any proxy, at any time.

Proxy site reviews

You can check out our top 5 proxy sites or the newly listed proxies. If you're a webmaster looking for a way to attract new visitors to your proxy website you can get it reviewed at Proxy Site Reviews. They list and review proxy sites. Proxy rankings are based on popularity and browsing behavior of its users. You can ask them to review your proxy site and add it to the list.

How proxies work

The word proxy means to act on behalf of another, a middle man on the internet. It's a process that accepts requests for some service and passes them on to the real server. A proxy may run on dedicated hardware or may be purely software. Both users and the addressed Internet server think they are communicating with one another, but, in fact, are dealing only with the proxy. To the user, the proxy server is invisible; The best web proxies let users surf the Web, keep their IP address private and unblock their favorite websites like YouTube to watch videos.

Whatever the reason

A variety of tools exist to open blocked sites, hide your online activities and protect your privacy. A web proxy server is one of those tools. The proxy sites listed here will help you do it for free. But whatever your reason is for using a web proxy, keep in mind that no circumvention method is perfect and no tool can guarantee complete privacy and anonymity.

Use proxies to unblock YouTube, Facebook and other Social Media. Do not use a web proxy for criminal activities online, since almost all of them state clearly that they will cooperate with law enforcement if they have to.

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